Month: March 2022


The tragic loss of life, the stream of refugees, the destruction of villages and cities in Ukraine is the latest tragedy of the young 21st century. It is also an exceptionally well documented tragedy, with Western journalists and photographers reporting every day from the front lines. The 24/7 news cycle requires a steady stream of … Continue reading “WHAT’S WORSE THAN A TRAGEDY? A SERIOUS DISTRACTION FROM IT.”

Old traditions, new opportunities.

A month ago I was asking friends and family members better informed than I to explain why the Russian government had chosen this particular moment in time to launch a military attack on Ukraine. I could understand several reasons for an expensive and unpopular move: fear of NATO’s eastward expansion, fear and loathing of Western … Continue reading “Old traditions, new opportunities.”

A New World Order?

My brother, a left-wing journalist and impressively thorough researcher, is looking for signals that a new world order is emerging. He is in good company. In today’s Washington Post Fareed Zakaria envisions the end of a world organized and controlled by the values and might of Pax Americana. America’s aging political leaders in the White … Continue reading “A New World Order?”

Censorship: Old Tools and New Filters.

Predictably, the Russian government is trying to control the flow of information about the ongoing military operations in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin can count on some percentage of fellow citizens who support his view of Russian history and share his fear of NATO and of American bases in their backyard. Still, the military operation is unfolding … Continue reading “Censorship: Old Tools and New Filters.”

The war in Ukraine: A familiar kind of tragedy.

Our 24-hour news cycle is filled with disturbing images. Millions of people fleeing the deliberate and unstoppable destruction of their homes and communities. The identity of the aggressor is clear; much less is known about what specifically triggered the aggression, and why it is happening now. In the United States as in much of Europe, … Continue reading “The war in Ukraine: A familiar kind of tragedy.”